Anna Öberg

 ↑ Story produced and shaped the narrative in post. The idea was to show a day in the life story with Jocelyn’s twist. 

Expressions in Black Season 2 with KGW

Agency — Heart & Hustle Productions

Role — Camera Operator & Assistant Editor

Type — Television Series & Social

An episodic series from 2021 sharing the real, unfiltered, and intoxicating stories central to the unrestrained Expressions of the Black Community. Here is one of the episodes I played the biggest role in about Jocelyn Rice.

 ↑ Promo and trailer edits 


Director & EP: Rashad Floyd | DP & Editor: Trinity Webber | Asst. Editors: Brandon Pettit, Matthew Montoya & Anna Oberg | Camera Operators: Dustin Tolman, Anna Oberg & Matthew Montoya | Production: Raphaelle LeBlanc & Ibeth Hernandez | Sound Recordist: Jebari Dean | And Many Other Helping Hands

Episode Credits: Ian Williams, Easy McCoy, Zachary Stocks, Jelani Memory, Jocelyn Rice