Anna Öberg

Simone Manuel with Nike Swim

Agency — The Program

Role — Creative Concept, Director & Editor

Type — Campaign

Before a race, an athlete can only rely on the controllables and preparation to perform. The Nike Silicone Dome Cap, shaped by Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel, is an essential tool — Its ultra-smooth design enhances speed and ensures a comfortable fit, empowering athletes to focus solely on their performance. Crafted to perfection, this swim cap becomes an indispensable ally in the pursuit of victory.

 ↑ Storyboard illustrations from pre-production

 ↑ On set with the crew in Peoria, Arizona

“The biggest thing I always try to control is myself: to not worry about the competition, not worry about if they have a faster time than me, if they’ve beaten me before. The only person I can focus on is myself. My race, the black line that’s in front of me and putting my best foot forward.”

– Simone Manuel


Agency: The Program | Producer: Trey Kenyon | Director of Photography: Ben Yago | 3D Motion: Elijah Kattke | Sound Mix: Trey Kenyon | Color: Ben Yago | HMU: Kaori Nik Thomas | Project Manager: Rebecca Margolis | Executive Producer & Key Art Director: Ari Vance Borland | Copywriter: Evan Williams | Designer: Malia O’Connor | Photo Retouching: Maddie Barker | And Many Other Helping Hands